Wych Wolf is a webcomic about the Bright Angel Foundation, a group of extraordinary people who fight monsters with magic and science and cricket bats. Created in the 870s by King Alfred as an order of knights to slay dragons, they became Britain’s first line of defence against paranormal threats of any kind. The comic is set in the 1940s, the war years, and follows the field team consisting of leader Gerald Broadstairs, scientist Eric Meek, paranormal expert Florence Valerian, and former police inspector Brian Chough who joined them after the events of part one.

Wych Wolf was started as a family project(for more, see ‘The Original Mission’ here) and still is, albeit in a different form to the one originally envisaged.┬áIt’s drawn by Rob Englebright, a grumpy old man who spends his days toiling away on learning technology projects (mostly to do with interoperability standards, probably) and written by his marginally less grumpy son Adam Englebright, who spends his days as a maths undergrad at the University of Brighton. More of Rob’s drawing can be found at Strange Biros, and more of Adam’s writing can be found at adam englebright dot com. Adam’s also writing some Bright Angel Foundation books set in the present day, but more on those here.