It’s strange, when we started drafting the story over a year ago, there were bits that came easily, and others that struggled to fit in and make sense without explanation. The whole deal with Florence is one of those bits that causes me brain ache. To try and keep the internal logic together I’m going to spend a short while on an interlude : “Florence’s story”

Even then the problems of the clashes between Florence and Eric, and how they could logically work together and know so little about each other is problematic, I was tempted to solve the problem by having Eric go over to the dark side, but Adam liked the balance in the team as it stood… we’ll see.

Anyway, art stuff, is still my lovely ancient Rotring Isographs in my Daler sketchbook, and then messed about with in PS elements.

Soundtrack is Pulp – Common people, Blur- Coffee&TV , Mumford and Sons- The cave, and Elbow, lots of Elbow.