This page, just didn’t work, no matter what I did with it, so in the end I gave up… it is what it is.. a necessary step, a little further up the ladder before the roller coaster begins.

There are legends of strange animals on the forest, including the Kangaroos, which ended up in the Winnie the Poo stories…

Art Stuff: This one is tricky, as I fiddled so much, I’m not sure what I did where.. The demon was drawn on 250 gsm Bristol Board with a dip pen and DELETER No 4 ink, most of the rest was re-worked in photoshop elements… it’s strange, as I’ve been practicing and drawing things with various paper and inks, and the way I do things has changed quite a great deal over the last month. I’m inking up a page at the minute on A3 FRISK CS2 paper, which was what I used all the time for illustrations back in the day, as it’s very white.

Music: no music, I have the Hellboy Extras DVD playing in a tiny window in the corner of the screen.